Alltech Srl was established from the merger of several companies and their experiences in different fields, with the social purpose of planning and producing printed articles in plastic materials, polymers and rubber.
Some of our products have been watches accessories, such as straps, in which the particular technology that has been applied (license of process UICEG of our property) enabled us to cooperate with prestigious companies.
Our equipment has been automated with robot, manipulators, and completed with systems for decoration, cut and packing in order to provide our customers with a product ready to be sold.
Our customers are assisted from the very beginning of the planning stage and led through the development of a concrete project. Together with the cooperation of external experts, Alltech Srl provides its customers with a wide range of services such as graphic and 3D designs (CAD-CAM), searches and studies on the appropriate materials (included formulations for specific materials, where needed), assistance in realizing equipment (tools, molds, etc) and with a diversified production which counts among its equipment bi-color and multi-components machinery, in order to get a product that suits both market and customer’s requirements.
Although the path to gain the approval and homologations in industrial sectors is long and difficult, it leads to a continuity of a planned production which has taken us to the present days.
Alltech Srl produces for third parties and in the spirit of the outsourcing.