The goal for our customers: Manage less suppliers in order to meet the needs of the production
Alltech Srl provides a wide range of services aimed to achieve this goal, such as:

Managing the whole supply of materials needed for your production in respect of:
on-Time-Delivery – supported by a specific software that allows online monitoring of your requests/orders.

Equipment monitoring - maintenance - improvement

Stock service - planned with the customer – Managed with automatic vertical store
For the storage of finished products we provide pallets in our store and plan with customers mode and time of delivery to ensure economization of logistics management and optimization of the distribution process

We can deliver your products across Europe according to the standard Just in Time, Kanban and Consignement To Stock, using any type of packaging required.

Support for the development of new projects
Testing feasibility through simulations
Execution of pilot dies/molds
Technical assistance provided with the support of reliable partners in the molds production

Graphic Support
Working with designers and design studios for the project and graphic design of your brands

Assembly of complex products with functionality trials and certification tests of product 100%
We also coordinate the implementation of other finishing processes
Cubic Print
Silk-screen Printing - Pad Printing
Hot plate welding – ultrasonic welding - HF