Most of the seals provided to the automotive industry are based on drawings, made of vulcanized and thermoplastic elastomer, of polymer, or even of a combination of both through processes of co-molding and overmolding, in accordance with the best performance required.

We offer a wide range of products in different materials, innovative production techniques and certified products.

Air Supply System
Fuel System
Energy management engine - reducing consumption
Molded rubber / plastic - polyurethane components for turbines

Product Overview

Diaphragms - membranes for partial vacuum and high-pressure applications are produced with or without fabric reinforcement, including complex shapes

Our range of products and materials offers:

> Resistance at cryogenic temperatures up to 850 ° C (1560 ° F)
> Almost universal chemical compatibility
> Excellent resistance to lubricants, fuels and coolants
> Excellent thermal stability
> Ability to operate in partial vacuum
> Ability to resist the agents
> Good mechanical strength
> Alternatives for low-friction
> Low compression set values and hysteresis
> Materials, products and productions approved in the automotive field